(Video) The Largest Corgi Gathering is Unlike Anything Doggie Owners Have Ever Seen

Corgi gathering

It's fun coming home to your dog daily and spending time with her, but what if you had the opportunity to not only socialize with your pooch but more than a hundred like her?

During the world's largest Corgi gathering not only do Corgis get to play, but owners get to socialize and spread the Corgi love! That's not all, either. Many owners love to dress up their Corgis which not only makes for adorable photos but super cute Corgis.

Buzzfeed decided to put together a video that focused on some special moments from the 2015 Corgi gathering and it looks like it was a hit! From nonprofit doggie organizations with Corgis looking for a good home to plenty of Corgi doggies enjoying the day, this is a video you can't miss!

After the break, watch a video that highlights some of the best moments of the largest Corgi gathering. This is truly special! 

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