(VIDEO) These Chihuahua Puppies Are on a Mission. When You See Them Do THIS to the Toy? Hilarious!

2 Chis Playing

Chihuahua dogs are a conundrum. They love their family but can be completely resentful of anyone or anything else. When you get two Chihuahuas together there can be camaraderie – but watch what happens when you ask them to share a toy!

Oh, there will be joy, but also a fierce competition! Honestly, it happens every time. They may not fight with one another but that toy will get the beating of its life and if, between the two of them, the toy lasts more than a couple days you are doing really well!

After the break, there are a couple of Chihuahuas “playing” with their toy. Watch the video until the end because, as determined as they are, it’s funny to see what their final reaction is when playtime appears to be over!

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