(VIDEO) These Puppies Adore Their Mom. When You See Mom Play With Them? My Heart’s Melting!

Mom and Puppies

Nearly all mothers, whether they be a human or a dog, appreciate and take care of their children to the best of their ability. Still, with all the pressure to provide for the young one we often forget something important.

A child – and a puppy – need playtime!

Check out these beautiful Cavaliers on today's video. Most of the litter seems to be resting, but there is always one pooch that wants to play when the others are content to sleep.

Fortunately for this little one, he has a great Mom who not only wants to enjoy time with her puppy, but she also wants to play with him too!

Go on over to the next page and enjoy this mother and puppy bonding time on this precious video. Your heart is going to melt!

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