(Video) They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies – But Watch What Happens When They Get There

puppy looking at camera

For those of us that have and love dogs, we dream about being able to save all homeless animals. Sometimes, we wish we could get a huge bus, pick up all of the dogs in shelters and bring them back home where they could play on acres of property during the day and sleep in warm and cozy beds at night. Of course, they'd get plenty of love, too.

Some inspiring people are already doing something similar by teaming up with animal foundations and making sure homeless animals are saved from euthanasia. Their efforts are saving the lives of so many dogs that wouldn't have the chance at a loving home otherwise.

For example, these rescuers' intentions to save 6 puppies was heartwarming enough, but there were there were so many more lives changed that day. Their efforts are truly inspiring!

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