(Video) Dog Mom Sings Her Yorkie to Sleep After a Nice Bath and We’re Melting!

cute Yorkie

We all have our nighttime routines that usually involve eating dinner, taking a bath/shower, brushing our teeth and then relaxing in bed before turning out the lights.

Because our dogs have such strong internal clocks, they have their own routine as well even if you might not know it. The only difference between our routine and theirs is that we typically don't chew on bones or play with toys before bedtime.

This dog mom and her little Yorkie have learned the key to a calming and serene evening. Most of our dogs don't enjoy bath time because it involves water and patience, but this Yorkie seems to love it thanks to her mom's lullabies.

You have to watch how her Yorkie reacts!

Head over to the next page to see how this dog mom lulls her Yorkie to sleep! Wait until you see what happens at 0:38!

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