(VIDEO) This Beautiful Dog Was So Timid and Scared That She Wouldn’t Leave the Corner. Then They Tried THIS.

shelter worker holding up puppy

Rescued animals are often scared of people and don't know how to react to new situations. They usually huddle in a corner or hide from people that try to pet them. It's hard to make them feel comfortable!

In this video, one rescued doggy does exactly that as a rescuer tries to keep her company. Nothing seems to make this doggy come out of the corner until they surprise her with this!

You can totally see her change in a second and it's the best thing ever! You won't believe how she reacts — it's such a precious moment!

Find out how one shelter worker makes this scared and shy puppy break out of her shell on the next page! I'm so glad she was there to think of this because this puppy's reaction is the best!

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