(VIDEO) This Dad Gently Plays With His Pug. Now Watch How the Pug Responds, It Will Melt Your Heart!

Dad blowing on Pug

Little Dot is the apple of her Daddy’s eye – and she knows it! She is a pampered little princess and life is good!

We all spoil our pets one way or the other; hold them, feed them snacks, and speak baby talk. And very few are as sweet and kissy as Dot. Obviously, she does like kissing Daddy. He buys her things, plays with her and – most of all – he loves her dearly.

We think and Dot knows he’s a special guy!

She’s just a baby, a puppy out for kicks, but one day the princess will be a spoiled adult pug. Will she, we wonder, be as overindulged then? Oh, no doubt!

After the break, take a look at this cute couple and their sweet relationship!

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