(Video) This Dog is Sulking Because Dad Put Sunglasses on Him. When He’s Offered a Treat? OMG, Hilarious!


Humans and doggies have very different opinions on accessorizing. LOL! We often prefer to wear hats, jewelry or of course, sunglasses.

Doggies, on the other hand, like to be all natural for the most part! So when this doggy dad decided to put some shiny red sunglasses on his pooch, you can only imagine the kind of reaction he got!

That's right; this doggy was not happy about his new red sunglasses. Maybe he didn't like the frames? Or maybe it was the color? Who knows?! LOL!

One thing is very clear; he was not excited about these sunnies at all. You need to see this!

Watch this funny Bulldog sulk when his owner puts some sunglasses on him on the video on the next page!

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