(VIDEO) This Doggie Really Wants a Second Helping of Food. How He Tries to Get His Way? SO Funny!

Frenchie Wants More Food

There are many ways our doggies try to tell is things.

For instance, trying to lift our hand with his nose generally means Rover wants a pat on the head or some kind of affection. Jumping up and down doesn’t just denote excitement but informs Mommy or Daddy that he’s ready to play – or for anything else that they have in mind. Our own pooch runs outside and circles our car, letting us know he’s ready to go with us for a drive!

The pooch over on the next page has a sweet and somewhat unique way of telling his human parents that he wants a second helping of dinner. He does not only sit by the bowl whining but has a pointed way of displaying his need.

Go to the next page and check out this clever pooch and the way he gets his point across on the video!

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