When a Doggy Does THIS, He’s Warning His Human NOT to Trust This Person

pug sitting with woman


A friend of ours just recently relayed an interesting story. She said a neighbor was out walking her dog when she and her Lab, while on the side walk, saw a young man coming in the opposite direction. He wore a hoodie and a dark backpack and looked like a college student.

She veered slightly to get out of his way but the woman’s dog, who was usually very friendly, barked and growled as he passed. She was stunned by his attitude and called: “Sorry.” To the man as he passed.

The stranger merely waved and mumbled something.

When she and her dog arrived home the front door to her house was wide open and, when they went inside, they saw that the house had been ransacked! It suddenly occurred to the woman that the man who passed her had been in her house, looking for cash, and her pooch – just by looking at him – knew he was up to no good!

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