(VIDEO) This Great Dane is Not Happy When Mom Brings Home a Puppy. Now Watch What He Does. This is the Epitome of Doggy Jealousy!

dog jealousy

There's nothing quite as interesting as sibling rivalry. When it involves two doggies? Priceless! LOL!

Even the toughest or oldest doggy can turn into a whimpering baby when they get jealous! It's very hilarious. LOL! Well, this Great Dane is about to meet his new puppy brother, and he is not very excited about it. When you see his reaction?! You're in for a good laugh!

It looks like this pooch is going to have to really win this Great Dane over with his cuteness! LOL! Trust me, when you see what this Great Dane does at the sight of his mom holding a new pooch in arms, you're going to be laughing all day!

Watch how this dog mom introduces her new puppy to a big Great Dane on this humorous video on the next page.

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