(VIDEO) This Great Dane is Not Happy When Mom Brings Home a Puppy. Now Watch What He Does. This is the Epitome of Doggy Jealousy!

dog jealousy

You just never know how an older sibling is going to react to a new baby — or even a new dog in the house. This is just one prime example of another doggy acting really jealous.

These pair of new doggy brothers are quite the opposites! Check out how the older doggy brother reacts!

AWW! Poor doggy. LOL! That Great Dane just feels terribly jealous, it's kind of adorable! Did you see the way he tried to get his mom to give him more attention by climbing on her? He is quite the big fellow, right?! LOL! Hopefully, in the future, he'll get used to the puppy and mom won't have to act so worried!

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