(VIDEO) A Couple Comes to Pick Up Their Pug Puppy. Now Enjoy This Adorable Pug Extravaganza!

pug baby

It's a puppy extravaganza like no other! These precious babies are ready to be adopted! That's exactly what one couple decides to do in this video. You get to see them play with the cutest litter of Pug puppies you will ever see! They're there to pick up their Pug puppy, but before they do so they decided to have fun with the other little ones too!

When you see how many adorable puppies they get to choose from, your heart will melt! Making the ultimate decision must have been incredibly hard with so many cute and furry faces staring back at them!

Luckily, we're sure these puppies all found the best homes! If you need your Pug puppy fix, don't miss out on this adorable Pug puppy extravaganza!

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