(Video) This Man Repairs His Fence to Contain His Dog, But Keep Eyes on the Fence to Witness a Hilarious Moment…

fence for dog

We are pet owners and because of this, we want to keep our pooches safe and secure. One way of doing this is building the perfect fence, one that will keep Rover contained while allowing him free access to the backyard.

Still, the fence has to be esthetically pleasing, firm with no wriggle space, and also be tall enough so our precious pooch can’t jump it! Yet, if we know what we are doing those days, weekends or even weeks are worth it.

Sadly, all of our efforts sometimes is just not enough. Check out the proud gentleman on the next page. He knows he’s done a great job until his dog shows him otherwise.

It is absolutely hilarious and makes us rethink our intelligence and that of our dogs!

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