(VIDEO) Cute Pug is SO Hungry! Watch This Video Until the End to See What She Does – WOW!

pug wants food

Hunger is what it is and when our doggies want something to eat they often give off gentle cues, letting us know of their needs. It can be anything from a long voracious stare to jumping up and down around their food bowl.

Some pooches will even push the bowl around with their nose! Now, that is really clever!

Check out how the cute Pug shows Mom and Dad that she has an issue with “starving to death;” trust us, she does not look starved.

She actually pretty much does all of the above mentioned but then has to get a little more direct when these hints do not seem to be paying off!

It’s pretty straightforward and authentically hilarious! Watch how this little cutie strives to get her own way after the break!

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