(Video) This Mommy Pug Giving Birth and Then Feeding Her Babies is Beyond Heartwarming…

new mom with pugs

We love and adventure, watching something from the beginning and seeing the “thing” happen then the aftermath! That can go for anything but, in this case, we have a lovely pregnant Pug. The video starts out days from the beauty giving birth.

For anyone who thinks birth is a beautiful thing, you must go over and watch this video over on the next page.

We see Mom, with her big belly, more than ready for the birthing of her pups, then we see their births, the little ones that hardly look puggish at all!

Then we watch as they the little puggies get older, cleaner and much, much cuter!

It really is a treat, and we have to thank the makers of the video for being diligent and not cutting the video off so soon after the birth. To watch this birthing miracle take place, visit the next page.

We just love those lively puppies!

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