(Video) This Mom Frightens Her Pug. What He Does to Get Back at Her? Talk About Feisty!

Pug and Mommy

There comes a time in every pug puppy’s life when she simply has to show those in charge what she is made of!

Every dog is afraid at one time or another. It is part of their journey through puppydom to doggy-life! In essence, it is how she conducts herself after the fear which shows just how courageous she can be!

Mom may look like she is down and out but she still manages to let out an occasional “woof!” that may well terrorize a regular dog.

Never fear! Maxine is the Xena, Warrior Princes of pugs! Watch her take action!

After the break watch how this talented and fearless canine avenges herself against a bad Mommy that is not learning her lesson!

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