(Video) This Pooch Takes His Protector Job Very Seriously. How He Takes a Little Pup Under His Wing? SO Precious!

protective dog and pup

Yeti is a very lucky French Bulldog puppy. He has a best friend, Bentley, who is constantly on guard, looking for his little pal as if he’s his own son!

Bentley is a paragon of patience when it seems his little friend wants to play. All Bentley really wants to do is keep guard and rest.

Or maybe he’s a little worried. If he plays with Yeti, he may unintentionally hurt him! Bentley appears a very wise and conscientious pooch, a big breed, and the last thing he would want to do is injure cute Yeti, who is a mere puppy, only weeks old.

After the break go over to the next page and watch this adorable twosome interact on the video.

They are truly precious and if you need a good dose of cute to get through your day – this is the one to do it! Enjoy!

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