(Video) This Dog Discovers Someone Has Taken Over His Bed. How the Culprit Fights Back? I Didn’t See This Coming!

Shep and Cat

Even the best of us, when presented with a problem in the “not fair!’ category become a little childish and possessive. We don't become selfish about everything, of course, but when it is important we do! Exhibit A: Like when someone you merely tolerate sudden commandeers in your bed!

This is a current problem that is plaguing a rather disturbed German shepherd named Gerty, when the house cat, Mrs. Peepers, decides Gerty’s bed would make a great rest stop!

It might be different if Gerty was already lying down but to have the cat take possession, without permission, appears to be a bit more than poor Gerty can take!

How do you think Gerty reacts to this mischief? Barking? Growling? You might be surprised! Go to the next page and take a look by watching the video!

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