(VIDEO) This Pug is REALLY Thirsty and a Quick Sip isn’t Cutting it. His Solution? Genius!

Pug drinking water

Summer is all fun and games but the record breaking heat can really dehydrate you! Well, this Pug is definitely feeling the heat on this exceptionally scorching hot day, and he is desperate for some relief.

Do you ever get so thirsty that the urge to just dive into an icy cool pool of fresh drinking water is enticing? Well just imagine this Pug being a thousand times thirstier than that! LOL!

I'm serious! You won't believe what lengths this hot puppy will go to to quench his thirst! It's hilarious! A sip is not enough for this overheated Pug. Just watch and see for yourself!

Watch one thirsty Pug as he goes to great lengths to gulp down some cool water on the next page!

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