(VIDEO) This Pug Crouches Down to Do His Duty on a Trampoline. Now Watch the Little Girl’s Reaction! LOL!

pug pooping on the trampoline

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. There's no exception for this pooping Pug! LOL!

After a little too much fun on the trampoline with two adorable little girls, this Pug can't make it to the grass on time to do his business.

Nature is calling and this Pug is answering! If watching a Pug do his duty on a trampoline wasn't hilarious enough, you'll crack up at the little girls' reactions! It's priceless!

Though I'm sure this Pug won't be allowed back on the trampoline for a long time, at least he had some fun while it lasted!

Watch how a little girl reacts to this Pug doing his duty on the trampoline. It's all on the next page and you definitely can't afford to miss this hilarious video!

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