(VIDEO) This Pug’s Sister Gets Fed Before Her. How the Upset Pug Reacts? Temper, Temper!

pug not happy

Sibling rivalries are always fun to watch, especially when you're not a part of them! We can't help but enjoy this adorably angry Pug! LOL!

The jealous Pug is quite the fighter when it comes to sibling jealousy! She's very flustered and angry about how her mother fed her sister before her! How rude! LOL!

You won't believe the kinds of sounds she makes to show that she is not exactly happy! Always wanting to have her mommy's attention first, this jealous Pug makes sure she's heard! It's hilarious!

Just watch and listen to her yell as she tries to make her point known (as if it's not known already, LOL). I'm sure her mom won't ever forget to feed her first ever again!

Watch how one feisty Pug tells her mom that it's NOT cool to feed her sister first on the next page!

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