8 Teeny Tiny Puppies That’ll Make You Feel Like Big Foot

French Bulldog in pink car

Are you a fan of tiny, fluffy doggies? The kind that can fit in a shoe, or even your jacket pocket? If you are, these types of doggies are permanently stuck as the size of puppies even after they're full grown.

They're so small; you feel like a giant! I'm sure they like to think of themselves as travel sized or fun sized! LOL!

Well, we love tiny puppies too, and this gallery will make you fall in love with them! You wouldn't believe how small these doggies are!

They fit in the most random places, and it's so adorable. These pocket pets will have you melting and wishing you had one of your own too.

You won't believe how tiny these eight puppies are! Take a look at them and prepare to say “Aww!” after you see them on the next page.

Via Buzzfeed

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