(Video) This Puppy Introduction is too Cute for Words. I Seriously Can’t Pull My Eyes Away From That Precious Face!

white puppy

We are going to say something groundbreaking and entirely original: Puppies are cute! Gotcha! Yes, we know that already. Honestly, you can have the ugliest pooch in the world but, simply because it is a puppy, even it will be precious and adorable!

They can’t help it. They are innocent and just learning about not chewing on socks or shoe laces!

The puppy on the next page is not exempt from that. A Frenchie, he’s a bundle of energy wrapped in a cuteness that even his new big brother seems to understand. Or maybe not. Big brother looks at him with curious but wary eyes, as if to ask where this ball of cuteness came from and how long will it remain here?!

But like us, he cannot seem to pull himself or his eyes away from the newcomer. This is precious life in puppy form and although we know he is not ours we so wish he was!

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