(VIDEO) This Pug Puppy and Poodle Are Snuggle Buddies – Be Prepared to to Melt!

snuggling pups

Having a two-dog household has its advantages.

For one thing, there is double the pup protection. If a prowler comes near the house he will think twice when hearing the barking of two theoretically vicious dogs! Secondly, the pups can keep each other company. So, when they are left alone there is much less separation anxiety.

And finally, they can share toys! Well, unless they don’t like to share, but that never happens… right? LOL!

Freddy, the Pug, and Ziggy, the toy poodle have been pals for some time. And, like all best friends and flatmates they share everything. Toys, snacks, and occasionally they’ll even snuggle together in a lone dog bed. Sweet? You bet. Comfortable? You might be surprised.

After the break, check out these bosom buddies in all their doggy devotedness!

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