(VIDEO) This Puppy Was Abandoned on the Street. Now Watch Him Blissfully Enjoy a Bath.

bath pup

Nothing is more heartbreaking than learning about abandoned animals. It is very hard to understand what can compel someone to leave a helpless animal all alone without any food or water.

One puppy was found in a dumpster, abandoned by his humans. With very little chance of survival, one group of animal rescuers did their best to keep this little fur baby safe and sound.

As unlucky as this pup was, he was finally able to find a silver lining in his life. After regaining his health, this adorable puppy enjoys his first bath. The results? You need to see him! It is just too adorable!

Watch one lucky puppy blissfully enjoy his first bath ever on the next page! Not only is he cute, but he is loving his bath!

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