(Video) This YouTuber Opens His Mail. When He Gets a Pug? Their Interaction is Priceless!

Pug in the Mail

Sky is a likable vlogger who enjoys receiving mail and opens it on air. He has some rules (send stamps if you want a reply) but he is pretty much open to anything.

He gets wonderful letters and presents from his YouTube followers and, in this instant, a very special little pal.

Honestly, we are not certain if Zelda the Pug is an on-going character in his YouTube videos but he and the Pug get along very well when he opens up her box.

This makes us believe she is not unfamiliar to him.

In any case, they are a fun twosome, and we thought you would enjoy this little foray into the wonderful world of Sky, his world and his pooch – a truly cool Pug in a box!

Watch how the YouTuber and Zelda the Pug interact on the video after the break. They're quite the entertaining pair!

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