(Video) These Pugs Have a Visitor. How They Respond When They Find Out it’s Their Favorite Aunt? Aww!

pugs max and minnie

Does your pooch have a favorite human (besides yourself) that they love to see? Just hearing their name can get them riled up! LOL! They might even start crying and howling with joy!

Famous internet Pugs, Minnie and Maxie just found out that they are getting a visit from their favorite auntie. What do they do when they see her? You need to see this!

The amount of excitement and joyful noises they make will melt your heart. These two definitely love their auntie and want to get their play date going immediately! LOL! Their reactions will make your day!

Watch Minnie and Max the Pugs react to the news of their aunt visiting them on the next page!

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