(VIDEO) Two Pugs Are in a Box. What Happens Next? This is the Most Incredible Pug Dance Party EVER!

Pug dance party

What do two charming young puppies have in common with all the best hip-hop and so soulful artists in the world today? Everything!

What else do two precious Pug pups do, after being taped into a Rude Box all day, do when they are set free? They get funky!

They dance and lip sync and, generally speaking, show that they are forces of nature and darn fine performers! Oh yes, the funk is strong with these dogs, and they want nothing better than to show one and all how great a boxed life can be!

After the break, check out these two handsome young gifted pups with all their wondrous talent!

You may think you know all there is about coolness and dance, but you haven’t seen anything yet!

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