(VIDEO) 2-Week-Old Puppy is a Heart Breaker in the Making With His Sweet, Sweet Sounds!

pug puppy

You can be the strong most macho man in the world but the moment you see an adorable puppy that manly factor take a noticeable turn! And that change would most definitely be obvious when viewing the positively charming pug puppy on the next page.

This little guy is especially cute because he is not just young at only fourteen days old, but is also rather active!

At his age, most puppies just want to sleep, but he appears to be a real go-getter! Now, if only he knew exactly where he wanted to get to… he’d really be in business!

Do yourself a favor and go over and check out this fun video. If you’ve ever entertained the idea of adopting a pug puppy or if you want to add to your small menagerie of animals this is the video that may just tip the scales for you and your family!

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