(Video) Using His Dressed Up Mutant Spider Dog, This Owner Freaks People Out During Halloween. OMG, This is Terrifying!

spider dog

What is your biggest fear? Is it clowns? what about spiders? Maybe mutant spider dogs? Well, it's time to face your fears! LOL!

In this spooky video, one owner dresses his doggy up like a big mutant spider! What happens next? They turn their city upside down and scare everyone! LOL!

You need to see these elaborate pranks that this doggy and his owner do together. Trust me, when you see how scary this doggy looks like in his freaky costume, you won't believe it! It's crazy!

He scurries just like a spider and it's just too hilarious to miss! What a spooky and silly pooch!

Watch how this doggy and his owner prepare the best Halloween prank ever on the hilarious video on the next page!

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