(VIDEO) Very Mad Pug Refuses to Let His Dad Leave. Now Keep Your Eyes on the Dad’s Shoes! OMG!

pug going after dad's shoes

UH-OH! A little doggie happens to be very upset and his name is Niko! If I were this owner I would be doing something to make it up to him quick! But wait — Niko the Pug has something else in mind!

When his Dad is about to leave the house without him, he decides to show him who is boss! What he does to try and get his dad to stay will seriously crack you up!

Trust me when I say, you have never seen a doggie temper tantrum like this before. Just remember to keep your eye's on the Dad's shoes as he tries to head out the door!

This Pug is very clever. He's willing to do whatever it takes to keep his Dad at home – LOL! You'll be seriously impressed once you see what this angry Pug is willing to do. Talk about unbelievable!

After the break, watch what one angry Pug is willing to do to his Dad's shoes on the video! Get ready to laugh your socks off — oh wait, the Dad might do that when he loses his shoe laces! LOL!

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