(VIDEO) This Doggie is Twirling for Treats. When a Toddler Wants Some Attention Too? These Two Are Adorable!

pug baby twirl

You're going to love this! We all know how cute dogs and babies are together, right?!

Well, brace yourselves because this doggy and toddler duo will melt your heart. In this adorable video, you get to witness the glorious twirling moment between these two pals! LOL!

You read that right, these best buds twirl around together in unison! Trust me, when you watch it, it will make your day so much better.

How this baby and doggy stay in sync is incredible! LOL! If you think you and your dog got along, this baby and puppy will change your mind! They are on a whole other level of coordinated! It's just too funny and priceless a moment to miss!

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