(Video) Mom Scares Her Pug. What This Feisty Dog Does to Get Back at Her? ROFL!


Doggies are usually the ones that prefer to pull pranks on humans, don't you think? They either like to scare you while you're lounging around or hide your favorite shoes! LOL!

In this video, one mom scares her jumpy Pug! When you see what happens after this Pug tries to get her revenge? You need to watch this hilarious video.

This feisty Pug is not going to let her owner get away with this so easily! LOL! This poor doggy mom is in for some adorable sneak attacks!

Will this Pug get her revenge or will her mom be the queen of pranks? You need to see this!

Watch how one Pug gets his revenge on her mom after getting a scare on the video on the next page!

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