(Video) Watch How a Sweet Pup Cries She’s so Happy to See Her Human. Aww!

Some doggies tend to be a little for demonstrative than others. It doesn’t mean that if your pup doesn’t love you. She may simply have a sense of calm that other dogs do not have.

RE: A great sense of security, knowing you will return to her. And that is a great thing.

Yet, there are some precious pooches that have a hard time when their human is gone for longer than they think is right. Again, it is the adage of a dog being such an important part of our lives but we being their whole life!

Over on the next page, we have a short clip of sweet pup that shows her Mommy exactly how she feels. Mom has obviously been gone for the day and has only just returned home.

This video is so cute and those cries are a wonderful testament, showing us just how much we are missed by our fur-babies!

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