(Video) Dog Patiently Waiting for Her Favorite Toy to be Fixed is Most Adorable Thing EVER

Dog Toy Repair

If you have ever had children, at one time or another you’ve experienced that moment when a toy has been broken and your baby comes to you, two pieces in hand, and wants you to fix it.

Sometimes it’s and easy fix and other times it is nearly impossible! However, when they look at you, their eyes welled with tears and hope, how can you not at least go through the motions?

And, of course, if you do fix it you are their hero – for at least an hour!

Abby the black Labrador is probably experiencing the same emotions as any youngster with broken toy. Certainly, the stuffing must have started coming out of her much-cherished plaything and Mom thought it a good time to take needle and thread and go to work!

On the next page, you have to watch poor Abby’s expression as she sits patiently but filled with worry. She watches Mom’s every move as if it may be her toy’s last! So adorable!

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