4 Reasons Chihuahuas are the Absolute Best


We often refer to our sweet Chihuahuas as little “rat-like” dogs — but in the most affectionate way possible. They love tummy rubs, to cuddle, and although they are the type of pooch to hone in on one family member as the be all and end all of their world, they can be the most loving pups ever to any member of the family — if trained early about right and wrong.

Just be gentle and caring with them – but also be prepared to play until you and they are exhausted!

On the next page are four reasons why Chihuahuas are the absolute best. You will soon learn why this tiny pooch makes a wonderful companion!

And, although somewhat neurotic – we speak from experience! – once you have one you simply do not want to let them go! They are fiercely loyal and dearly sweet!

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