(Video) Great Skills to Learn on How to Train a Yorkie (and Dogs in General)

training a yorkie

So you just took the plunge and got your first dog, who happens to be a Yorkie, aka a Yorkshire Terrier. Congratulations! But wait — you found out that Yorkies can be hard to train. What's a new owner to do?!

Before you start to panic take a deep breath. You can do this. Okay, are you ready to learn some tips now? Luckily there are basics you can apply which will pave the way to build on those basics, creating a well-trained and well-mannered Yorkie. Yes, it's true that this breed can be quite feisty, but don't well all have a little bit of sass?

Never fear, with some patience and diligence and most importantly consistency, your Yorkie should be the first in his class. It may be challenging at times, especially if you plan to train a puppy, but don't give up. Just like a child takes a while to get the hang of things so does a dog. It's all about positive reinforcement and a whole lotta' love!

After the break watch a video that offers some excellent tips on how to train a Yorkie, which also applies to just about any breed. Soon you'll be a doggy training expert! 

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