(Video) When an Overzealous Pug Needs Discipline, Watch How the Nanny Pug Steps In – LOL!


We all know that as much as we love puppies for their free-spirited nature, a little discipline here and there doesn't hurt. In this cute video, one playful pooch gets a taste of his own medicine!

After not settling down and listening to his nanny, this Pug gets a good lesson in listening to his elders! LOL! He is a non-stop ball of fur that just wants to keep messing around and playing with his friends.

The nanny Pug, on the other hand, seeks to help this pooch learn that playtime is over! LOL! What happens next will make you laugh out loud!

Watch and see how this Pug nanny disciplines her puppy and shows him who's boss on the video after the break. This is humorous and cute simultaneously!

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