(VIDEO) When This Girlfriend is Surprised With a New Pug Puppy, Her Reaction is Absolutely Priceless…

puppy love

This adorable video redefines puppy love! When Sarah gets surprised by her thoughtful boyfriend with a new Pug puppy, she reacts in the most epic way. She is one lucky girl for getting a cutie like this to call her own!

Meet Daphne the Pug puppy who joins this happy family! You'll love seeing Sarah's reaction to her new pup. They connect instantly! It truly is puppy love! As you watch them embrace for the first time, your heart will melt just like Sarah's does.

This moment is just too perfect to miss! Daphne the Pug pup will charm you too! LOL! Trust me, don't let your day go by without sharing this awesome moment!

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