When a Kitten Wants a Piggy Back Ride on Her Doggy Brother He isn’t Having it — LOL!

kitten wants a ride on dog

Getting piggy back rides when you're a child are a blast. You get a free ride, and you get to take in the scenery in front of you. However, if you're a doggy, and your feline friend wants a piggy back ride, that's a whole other story. First of all, you didn't even invite them to get on your back. And second of all — how on earth do you get this kitty off your back?!

That's what a Yorkie mixed breed is thinking when a kitten unexpectedly climbs on his back. He's not sure who said it was okay to do this, but he's not okay with it. So what does he do? He starts spinning in circles, in attempts to unlatch his kitty friend.

When that doesn't work, this adorable Yorkie takes a quick break, but not for long.

Find out what happens next and if this playful pup manages to get the kitten off his back after the break! LOL!

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