(VIDEO) You’ll Never Guess How This Pug Acts When it’s Time to Visit the… VET!

At the Vet

It’s that time of the year a dog, and probably his owner dislikes most. But it’s something that must be done, the health of the pooch is all important, so an annual trip to the vet is arranged.

A secure dog will probably have no problem with the journey, but there are others who equate a trip to the vet with pain. It’s not the vet’s fault. Often, besides their yearly immunizations, if a dog goes to a vet it’s because he’s not feeling well or has been injured. This would most naturally put a negative reaction into a dog’s mind.

But for the handsome pug on the next page, it’s just his yearly exam and shots. And is that trepidation on his good-looking mug? Take a look at this ingenious video on the next page!

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