When a Dog Does THIS, He’s Warning His Human to NOT Trust This Person


It is truly interesting to note who a dog will like and dislike. You may have a best friend, someone you have known for years. Yet, when they met your usually fun-loving dog, the pooch may back off or even growl at this person! It may mean nothing or it could mean everything!

We had this very reaction from our dog to a very good friend of ours. We both thought about it, wondering why Max stared her down and did not want to approach, and we think the answer was two-fold:

1) Jealousy. Perhaps Max felt our connection and felt it intruded on our connection with him


2) Our friend is a cat person. She has a much-beloved cat at home and although she likes dogs they are not her preference. Could it be that Max sensed the cat on her and the ambivalence when it came to his species?

We may never really know. However, dogs are great judges of character and we should all be on our guard if a dog has an adverse reaction to another human being.

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