What a Dog Owner Can Do if She Has a Picky Eater


We have all been there. One moment Rover is eating like he thinks it is his last meal then unexpectedly he stops eating or consumes very little.

This can mean any number of things, including illness or, for a time, he’s just not in the mood. However, if it carries on for too long be sure to take him to a vet.

The point is, there can be many reasons why your precious bundle of furry canine is off his food and how to fix it can take anything from a change of diet to placing his bowl and water in a different spot, free from the distractions of family life.

After the break go on over to the next page and check out some reasons and solutions on why Spot may be eating less than usual.

It could be medical but could also be simple, merely needing you to make a few easy changes!

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