What Does a Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveal Him? This is Surprising!

dog sleeping on tummy


Is your dog happy and content, nervous and unsure, wild and mysterious, or simply a pooch with attitude? You might be surprised to learn you can read your pup’s moods and manners best while he is asleep. It is all in his positioning!

It may sound a little odd but if you think about it, your dog already has his own personality. What you thought of as Rover having a silly quirk may actually mean he’s either unsure of himself or may be a little over-confident!
And yes, this can be reflected in his sleeping position!

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Does he sleep on his back? Some dog’s do. What does it mean? Let’s go take a look!

What does a dog’s sleeping position reveal about him? Some of the answers below surprised and delighted us! Take a look:

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