11 Things Dog Owners Must Never Forget. The Last One is Bringing Everyone to Tears…

sad french bulldog

Our dog is now about twelve years old and about five years ago he did something horrendous. It was so terrible that we cannot even recall what it was! But what we do remember was being so angry with him that we not only raised our voice but ran after him and made a slap motion with our hands.

While we may not remember what it was he did, we will never forget the way Max crawled off, tail between his legs, whimpering. He was genuinely sad and afraid of what we might do to him. It was heartbreaking.

Obviously, we made up. But I will never forget that look of fear and his body language, how our actions made him upset and for a little bit of time he lost faith – the person who would never see him come to harm – in his Mommy. We have not doubt that what he did was a bad thing but the fact we remember losing control over the actual incident still has us thinking how innocent and simple dogs are.

Max never looked back on that episode although he knew it happened. He did not hold a grudge although he probably could have. Dogs are forgiving and really ask little of us, other than love, a bowl of food, and the patience to understand they are imperfect creatures.

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