The Perfect Progression of a Pug Kiss…

pug kiss on the cheek

Kisses are sweet, especially at a young age. It reminds us of innocence and the act of unconditional love through a simple act of affection. Young children love giving one another a quick kiss and don't think anything of it.

Usually, dogs love licking one another and laying by one another, but rarely does it turn into a “kiss.” However, if caught at the right time and at the right angle, two pugs can actually kiss!

The progression of a kiss is a fun one to watch, especially for doggies and lucky for you, you get to watch one on today's video! Just what are the pugs doing right before the kiss and how do they make their affection known to one another? Well, let's find out, shall we?

Meet Emma and Paul, two pug puppies that live in Germany. It's such a beautiful day out that their owner has decided to take them on a walk! 

pugs going on a walk

Next up you'll get to watch how these two cuties interact with one another. They're just loving their time outdoors!

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