White Pug Puppy Acts and Looks Like a Marshmallow – He’s SO Sweet!

Marshmallow pug puppy

Have you ever seen a puppy so tiny and white that he reminds you of a certain sweet treat? Was he soft and round like a marshmallow? LOL!

On today's video, this cute little white pug pup is the closest thing to a living marshmallow! He's so soft and white and no doubt is soft like a marshmallow too! LOL!

Luckily he's just as sweet as a marshmallow; just watch him play with his owners! You won't be able to resist this little pup as you see just how sweet this little guy is.

What's even cuter is that his name is Marshmallow too! What a perfect name! You need to take a peek at this cutie pie because a white pug puppy is a rare thing and not only is Marshmallow's white coat unique, so is his adorable personality!

Watch this adorable white Pug puppy named Marshmallow act and look as sweet as can be on the next page!

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