Watch a Pug Go on a Joy Ride… on a Motorcycle! LOL!

pug on motorcycle

Everyone likes to go on a ride every once in a while, whether it's on a bike, motorcycle, or in the car. There's something amazing about feeling the wind in your hair and enjoying the vast open space in front of you as you go exploring in your hot ride.

Dogs especially like to stick their heads out the window of a car because there's something liberating about feeling the wind go their doggy hair. I don't blame them for liking this activity, do you?! It is, after all, fun to have a convertible car and experience the same feeling!

If a pooch could only ride a motorcycle to experience what it actually feels like to enjoy the road ahead then maybe they would love their independence all the more! But wait… there is one lucky pug that gets to enjoy this activity!

And believe me, he makes riding on a motorcycle look SO easy!

Don't believe me?! Visit the next page to see a cute pug on a bike and ride it in style. He's stylin' and vrooming away!

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