Why Labs are More Interested in Food Then Other Doggy Breeds

Black Lab

While it is true that all dogs find food, snacks specifically, a great motivator, most Labrador Retrievers owners say their dog are always interested in food, inordinately so.

It’s not just an opinion. There has been a study in Cell Metabolism that links a gene alteration specifically found in Labs! They really do have a bigger food-motivated behavior than a typical dog.

Sadly, this also tends to make the lovable pooches more obese than other dogs too. On the bright side, because the food is such a motivator Labs make terrific service dogs and are easily trained.

If you go over to the next, page you can read more about this interesting topic and see the results that brought this study to the forefront. Interestingly, it’s not the owner’s fault. This can happen to any Lab!

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